Sugar momma dating in Florida

In Florida, sugar momma dating is really quite a widespread phenomenon. sugar momma dating in Florida

With its generally relaxed lifestyle and perennial sunshine, residents in Florida can enjoy some of the best things in life.

The State attracts a high number of wealthy women of mid- to retirement age, with the bulk of these fitting the profile of being ideal sugar mommas. And, of course, where there are sugar mommas, there are bound to be younger men, or cubs as they are sometimes known, wishing to date or have a relationship with them!

Stereotypes prevail in Florida and most people immediately think of a sugar momma as being a woman past her prime, more than likely relatively rich and lonely, looking for companionship or more with her male sugar baby. Her sugar baby will be a handsome, well presented man a number of years her junior—but with the ability to make his sugar momma happy, partially by simply being at her side when she is out somewhere in Florida dining, at the theatre, seeing films or attending functions and events.

Yet, if we look at sugar mommas in Florida a little more closely, several points become apparent:

the average age of a sugar momma in Florida is much lower than previously, and it’s very likely that the profile of a typical sugar momma may well be a woman in her 30s or early 40s; a most likely successful business woman. Or she may be a woman who has been focussed on her career rather than having to follow past social norms of simply marrying and having several children in her early 20s and is now looking for the companionship of a younger man

taking the above one step further, with independence and her own way of thinking, our sugar momma may be tired of all of the cheating, other issues and mind games that go with regular relationships with men—so why shouldn’t she join a specialised dating site looking for a sugar baby, someone to keep her company, keep her warm at night and be there for her—but only when she needs him?

As a final point, in today’s generally more liberal society in Florida, the idea of a sugar momma of any age actively seeking her sugar baby is far more acceptable then even, say, 10 years ago. It’s well known that sugar momma and sugar baby dating is clearly of a mutual benefit for both parties and several specialised websites have been set up to cater for this growing demand and where both parties can find the type of partner they are really looking for!

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